About me

I'm Vidya Ramakrishnan, an engineer based in Bangalore, India. From working in the software industry to a full time mother got me thinking about what I want to do next. Though I have few hobbies like painting, quilling, reading, nothing excited me as much as learning about web development.

About this site

I have been learning web development out of passion. I was fascinated by HTML5 canvas feature which I have used in the games. Developing the jquery codes for the webpages helped me better understand jquery and I am amazed by the power of it.
I got the inspiration for the site while I used to read to my toddler. The learning and games sections was conceived considering a toddler's mindset. Thanks to my daughter who helped me in testing the games. Ofcourse the audio you hear is her's. The drawings are made by me specially for her.
Check out the games I developed with Scratch.
And special appreciation for wikimedia commons for providing so many freely usable media files.

I would love to hear your feedback about the website send me a mail or contact me on facebook

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